The Future Breakup

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Episode 30: Your Inner Voice

June 9, 2021

This week on The Future Breakup... We all have one. We talk to it. We listen to it. Do we need to l…

Episode 29: We're Back and It's June

June 1, 2021

This week on The Future Breakup Podcast... We are back! Look, we had to take a little break due to …

Episode 28: Welcome to the Real World

May 11, 2021

This week has a look into jobs. Good and Bad. It’s not where you start. It’s where you’re going...m…

Episode 27: You Want Details? Fine. (What’s new with Ed & Vince)

May 5, 2021

This week’s episode is a catch-up episode with a few things going on with Ed and Vince in their rea…

Episode 26: I Dare You to Move (w/ Coddy of Unearthing Fernweh)

April 29, 2021

This week’s episode features someone to be jealous about when you’re winding down on a Sunday night…

Episode 25: Life of Pets (and an Anniversary)

April 20, 2021

This week’s episode has a focus on pets but starts with Ed and Vince breaking down how they almost …