March 11, 2021

Episode 19: What The Socials Do?

Episode 19: What The Socials Do?

Episode 19: What The Socials Do?

This week we got to interview Bobby Hoyt, or as most cardboard warriors and UPSers refer to as, UPSGUY.

Vince has known Bobby for a few years through social media. The presence that Bobby has been bringing to the job they both share in common is amazing. From the moment Bobby stumbled upon Vince’s attempt to bring Nike and UPS together and Vince seeing Bobby’s account, that was it for Vince trying to have a social media presence involving the company he works for. You see, Bobby has the market cornered. We’ve all learned to not go at the King in the North.

Topics discussed range from getting started with a social media presence, viral videos, marketing, positivity at work, open-mic night at stand-up comedy and breaking up with things that don’t fit with your own goals.

Bobby is a super genuine and nice guy and we believe you’ll enjoy this interview. Bobby can be found on the socials at @UPSGUY or his website

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