April 14, 2021

Episode 24: Chris Krossed Life (w/Chris McMillan)

Episode 24: Chris Krossed Life (w/Chris McMillan)

On this week’s show, TFB got to talk with Chris; one of Ed’s friends from childhood in Texas. Ed and Chris got to catch up on some of life, reminisce being kids and neighbors while Vince got a glimpse into life growing up in Texas with a community focused on helping each other. This week's episode is dedicated to Elena McMillan, Chris' fierce grandmother from Ed's hometown neighborhood - a wonderful woman from the Philippines who inspired Ed to help people learn languages, but also maintain their own. 

•Other Topics•

-Ed getting inspiration to start a language company from Chris’ grandmother.

-Chris walks us through working insurance during a pandemic.

-Selena's death and a power trill

-Chris speaks of his story-telling.

-Ed promises to get some ink commemorating the street Chris and Ed grew up on.

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