May 11, 2021

Episode 28: Welcome to the Real World

Episode 28: Welcome to the Real World

This week has a look into jobs. Good and Bad. It’s not where you start. It’s where you’re going...most of the time.

-Ed’s first job vs Vince’s first job

-Ed’s first hourly rate vs Vince’s first hourly rate

-Jobs during College

Jobs don’t define us. Most jobs are just what you do to make money. Use jobs for what they are instead of a job using you. Breakup with the mentality that where you currently are at work serves you with zero purpose or anything of value. If it does, put yourself in a position for a change. Even the worst jobs, when you look back on them, served some sort of lesson. You surely learned something or took something away from it. Even if it’s just added experience of dealing with people or a wake up call to better your own situation.

We all start(ed) somewhere.

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